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AlwaysFresh i-Select System

Customize your Solution

Custom Design your Water Treatment Train to your wants and needs.

The AlwaysFresh i-Select Drinking Water Filtration System offers the ability to customize your solution while giving you the versatility to upgrade your system if your water conditions change.  Learn more about customizing your water >

Quick Change Cartridges

Fast and Easy Changeout.  No Tools Required.

AlwaysFresh Cartridges only take a 1/4 turn and they release from the filter head assembly for quick cartridge exchange.  Dont want to worry about tracking down replacement cartridges?  We stock all cartridges and offer both a Replacement Cartridge Reminder Service and an Automatic Cartridge Delivery Program right to your door.  Learn more about the cartridges >

High Flow & Performance

The i-Select System can hook directly to your sink.  No separate faucet.

The i-Select System is designed to handle flow rates the competition can't, all while maintaining the performance you expect.  The high flow and high performance design allows such a flow that there is no need to install a separate faucet.

Featured i-Select

i-Select Reverse Osmosis
150 gal/day

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