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The utility controller enables you to have control over various systems within a facility, such as a school, fire station, medical ect. You are able to control natural gas, electrical outlets, water and more with out the use of a shunt trip. 

The possibilities are practically endless with
Isimet's control panels. To learn more click the link below or contact us directly. 
Companion Enclosures:

Designed to work in tandem with the Utility Controller.  These enclosures take the guesswork out of installing water and gas solenoids (S-Series) as well as the electrical contactors (E-Series).  Both enclosures are NEMA rated cabinetry 
Accessories and Companion Fittings: 

‚ÄčCompanion Fittings and Accessories are designed to work in tandem with the Utility Controller.  These optional components are intended to be utilitzed in the science classroom design to enhance the safety features of the ISIMET Utility Control System