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Silver Bullet Water Treatment

​"We deploy our water conditioning technologies that save water, energy and life to positively impact the World."

Chemical Free Water Treatment Serving you. 



Who is Silver Bullet?

Silver Bullet prides itself on bettering the environment with its new and innovative technology used to condition cooling tower water better, faster, and in a chemical free manner for industrial and commercial uses.

It doesn't matter if you are a building engineer or water treatment specialist. Our Silver Bullet system will help you achieve;
  • Biological Growth Prevention
  • Corrosion Reduction
  • Scale Reduction & Prevention
You can learn more about Silver Bullet system advantages here.

How Does Silver Bullet Work?

​The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system incorporates a proprietary Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) to treat cooling water in cooling towers.  
  • Modified Ambient Air Injected into Water
  • Forms Hydroxyl Radicals
  • Control and Reduction of Water Born Bacteria
  • Generates Hydrogen Peroxide as a Lasting Biocide 
The Silver Bullet Water Treatment system has been shown to reduce biological growth and to remove and prevent scale along with biofilm buildup.