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​We at Innovative Water Treatment LLC, pride ourselves in creating lasting custom designed systems and solutions to fit your precise needs and wants. We are detail oriented, ask questions and make sure your design is in compliance with your requirements. IWT is a solutions provider, ensuring your elite system is application specific. We are meticulous in our design and installation, safeguarding the quality of our work and service.

Innovative Water Treatment offers a unique set of products and services that cater to the end client. A full line of pumps, controls, treatment chemistry. Along with a full line of water and waste water treatment equipment. Including, but not limited to; Membrane technology, Ion exchange, filtration, water reuse systems, primary, secondary tertiary waste water systems, chlorination, UV sterilization, and process automation along with system design.

With experience, long term relationships and industry knowledge in the Plumbing, HVAC, and Water Treatment industries, we are able to bring just about any type of product to the marketplace. We involve designers and contractors with every line we represent. IWT quotes every major project in our marketplace through our plan rooms, mechanical contractor websites, and our close relationships with engineers; then track the projects from start to finish with our Cradle to Grave Bidding System, providing ourselves the best opportunity to sell your product.

IWT Philosophy

  • Respectful atmosphere 
  • Top of the line products for every need
  • Knowledge based specifications 
  • Master of custom designed systems
  • Maintain high ethical standards
  • Follow through
  • Provide world class service during and after completion of project
  • Maintain Bidding Practices that do not degrade our Industry

In this fast paced, ever changing Market, it is necessary to be informed on current Industry Trends, Changes and updates which affect your business.