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Solid Interceptor

The Preceptor Solids Interceptor is newly redesigned.   It is an solids interceptor engineered to remove food and other solids for kitchen wastewater.  It consists of a body, lid, filter insert assembly, and adjustable stainless steel stand.

Preceptor FF Series gravity flow solids filters that are installed above-floor on pre-rinse sinks, compartment sinks, or any area where solid waste may be discharged into drains. By placing the filters between the sinks and the drainpipes, solid waste is removed before it can clog pipes and cause odors.

Single: 11” W  X 19” H X 23” D
Double:  24” W  X 19” H X 23” D

FF- Single (Simplex)

FF-Double (Duplex)


 11” W  X 19” H X 23” D

 24” W  X 19” H X 23” D

Inlet / Outlet / Vent



Stainless Steel

Face Piping

Stainless Steel & Sch. 80 PVC


Stainless Steel Ball Valves and Check Valves

Stainless Steel and Sch. 80 PVC Unions

Many municipalities prohibit the discharge of solid food particles into sewers. Food preparation and clean-up generate a substantial amount of solid waste.  Solids and food can block sewer mains and hasten bacteria growth which cause odor. The use of the FF Preceptor will reduce maintenance problems and contribute towards lowering TSS, BOD, and odor; ensuring compliance with local discharge regulations
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