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The Basics of a Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

How can a commercial reverse osmosis system fortify a business’s healthy water supply? This type of treatment system will remove all contaminants, resulting in higher-quality water for drinking, food preparation and production. Pure water, sans minerals and pathogens, will no longer cause clogging and damage to commercial equipment and plumbing systems.

What Is Osmosis?

It is the tendency of molecules to move through a semipermeable membrane from a location with a low concentration of those molecules to a location with a high concentration. A semipermeable membrane is simply a membrane that allows certain molecules to pass but restricts others. For example, a container of salt water is attached by a semipermeable membrane to another container of salt water with a higher salt concentration. The salt concentration will begin to rise even more in the container with the higher concentration.

What Is Reverse Osmosis?

A reverse osmosis system works in opposition to osmosis, but it requires energy. The system’s semipermeable membrane is designed to allow only pure water to pass through. Pressure is applied to the initial water supply so the system’s output is pure water, minus any previously contained contaminants. Depending on the quality of the system, it can most likely successfully separate 85 to 99 percent of all harmful substances from the initial fluid supply.

What Contaminants Are Removed?

Reverse osmosis membranes are porous and will filter out molecules based on their size. In general, minerals such as manganese, iron and calcium are all removed. In addition, salt and fluoride are eradicated. The system can also eliminate lead, pesticides and bacteria. While not all minerals removed are bad for human ingestion, they can still contribute to scaling in commercial plumbing and appliances.

Benefits of a Commercial System

The market is flooded with residential systems for sanitizing in-house drinking water. However, these machines are designed to fit the daily water use of one residence. A commercial system can handle daily water usage at more voluminous rates. The system chosen for install is directly tailored to the business’s current consumption, outfitted with a higher capacity membrane so the pure water tank is constantly replenished.

Some businesses use ice makers, coffee machines and steam equipment on a daily basis. When low-quality water is fed into these machines, minerals build up on the inner mechanical parts. In some cases, high levels of mineral buildup can void the warranty on appliances and equipment. This can also occur inside plumbing lines and water heaters on commercial properties. A reverse osmosis system will not only improve water quality and taste, it will also protect commercial assets from damage and premature wear.

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