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What Are the Benefits of Grey Water Recycling?

Learning about the benefits of grey water recycling can help your business save money and preserve the environment. On average, each American household uses 400 gallons of water per day, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. A large part of people’s daily usage — washing their hands or flushing the toilet — may take place at your commercial property.

You would not be a business owner or property manager if you did not consider ways to cut unnecessary costs. As the need for water conservation rises, some municipalities pass bylaws requiring commercial properties to limit waste. Have you considered investing in a recycling system?

What Constitutes Grey Water?

Not all wastewater is the same. Water used to wash hands in bathroom sinks, to clean floors, to rinse dishes in commercial kitchens or to supply industrial laundry machines is labeled grey water. Black water comes from toilets and has made contact with feces. One type is recyclable, the other is not.

How is the Water Used?

The term “recycled water” may cause some to flinch. There is no need for panic. First of all, it is fully treated to minimize any toxic risk. Government organizations have placed standards on recycling with strict risk management guidelines that are more stringent as the probability rises that it will come into contact with humans. To be safe, the recycled product is considered “nonpotable,” or not fit for consumption.

Recycled water has a plethora of uses, with irrigation as the primary terminus. According to the EPA, it can subsidize 50 percent of a property’s irrigation needs. It can also be used as a coolant at power plants and refineries. It is used to flush toilets, mix concrete and fill some artificial lakes. Many industrial uses do not require water at potable levels, making grey water an excellent substitute.

How Will Your Business Benefit?

Keeping your company’s grass green in the summer might result in an astronomical water bill come fall. By allocating funds toward the installation and maintenance of a grey water recycling system, you could significantly drop next year’s charges to a much lower, more manageable rate.

Recycling wastewater also diminishes the wear and tear on your sewage system. Reusing water means fewer gallons flushing needlessly through expensive piping systems.

As groundwater stores deplete, it will take more energy for suppliers to transport water to your company’s location, translating to a price hike for you. A recycling system solves this issue, offering a long-term solution and a measure of independence from suppliers. It is also an edge of protection against drought.

Environmental sustainability is not simply a buzzword, but the new way of life for the next century. Contact Innovative Water Treatment for more information about the benefits of grey water recycling, system installation and quotes based on your specific property’s needs.

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