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Water Basics for Kids

The water treatment industry is vast. There are a wide variety of areas, that do a wide variety of tasks. Each task different and each task needed. Jumping on board with this industry for me, directly relates to the needed part. Without this industry the world would be low on good, clean vital water. Here is a short blip of how what works.
The water on earth is constant. What we have is what we get. How we clean and care for it, is what allows us to use it. Most of the water on earth is held up in glaciers and ice sheets. The rest is cycling around; From evaporated ocean water that turns into rain, and the rain dropping down all over the world, spreading fresh water to lakes, rivers and the earth. And then we use it. A lot of it! Sinks, toilets, pools, watering gardens and lawns. In my specific water treatment industry, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and other large and small commercial buildings use it. They use it to wash dishes, clean sinks, make food, clean equipment, even to make bowling balls. Without us taking care of our water as a whole,  we lose a lot of fun things in life, but we will also lose a lot of important things.

What we do at Innovative Water Treatment: 

We build systems that clean water. Literally! Yes they can be huge. Yes, they can be expensive to build. Yes, legally facilities like the ones mentioned above have to have something in place to clean the water they use before sending it back out to the rest of the world. In the small scheme, it's the city they are located in they send the water out, but the big picture, the reality, it’s the world! The city then runs that clean water through another cleaning cycle so they can discharge it into a river or other body of water and so starts the cycle of water all over again.

Why do the facilities using water to make and clean things need to clean the water first if its already being cleaned by the city?

 This is a very good question and it’s something a lot of new business owners don’t think about, even businesses that have been around for a very long time are not aware of this. Businesses are using the water for a slew of things. Chemicals, metals, what you flush,  and other gross things touch this water. Water gets dirty, poisonous, dangerous once these facilities use it. Before THAT water hits the city, the city wants it clear of anything bad. We build custom systems that clear it of the dangerous things, to keep everyone around safe and hydrated. Water Treatment businesses like ours, help properly maintain the natural water cycle.

What can you do in your home to help the water cycle just like businesses do? 

  • Turn off the water when you brush your teeth
  •  Check for leaks and drips
  •  Shorter showers 
  • Don’t Liter
  • Skip buying bottled water
  • Don’t put food waste in the sink 
  • Try not to wash chemicals down the sink ( bleach and other cleaning products.)

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